Welcome to Erkki Kurenniemi: In 2048: Dataradio

Dataradio consists of an interactive stream of audio & text.

Dataradio is situated both as part of the Erkki Kurenniemi exhibition in the Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, and simultaneously to web visitors online.

From 1 November 2013 to 2 March 2014, a stream will be available at kurenniemi.activearchives.org/dataradio

During the opening hours of the Kiasma Museum, the stream will be composed of different programs generated by a series of home-made softwares. Algorithms are used to explore the vast collection of material, analyzing the digitized cassettes as data and labelling them by properties such as loudness/silence and (predominant) frequencies. In addition, the (meta)data contained in other files and folders of the collection are incorporated as other sources for these radio "programs". New programs will be added over the course of the exhibition. After opening hours, the night program offers the contents of the cassettes and other material in their original unedited form.

Erkki Kurenniemi: In 2048: Dataradio has been initially commissioned by Joasia Krysa in the framework of the exhibition Systemics #1. Certain peculiar things and ideas, often failed (or, on humans, machines and running algorithms), Kunsthal Arhus 11/01-02/03/2013