Joasia Krysa and Geoff Cox, as KURATOR working with dOCUMENTA in Kassel requested Constant, association for art & media in Brussels (represented by Nicolas Malevé and Michael Murtaugh), to develop a prototype online archive project in collaboration with Perttu Rastas from the Central Art Archive of the Finnish National Gallery.

The project relates to the work of Erkki Kurenniemi, pioneering electro acoustic musician and inventor of early synthesizers, who has obsessively documented his life. The archive would need to be accordingly dynamic, reflecting his post-human ideas, belief in artificial life and his experiments with the flesh and the body.

In the first phase of development, we propose to engage in a dialogue with different interlocutors to learn from the material. Regularly we will document our findings and release the tools we have developed. So other people can redo the same experiments, comment, improve, etc. Our intermediaries will be human and machines, conversations and softwares, visits and scripts.

In addition to writing probes and posting texts, we would like to make interviews, listening sessions and our participation to the dOCUMENTA programme will end up with a workshop on the 14th of September. The workshop will be the occasion to make a first synthesis of a few months of experimentation and to discuss the next development of what could lead to a digital archive of Errki Kurenniemi.

To know more about how we approach the project, read this page.

You can access the pages where we contextualize and document our investigation through the logbook. The logbook will be regularly updated during three months, please bookmark the page and drop a comment if you want to ask a question or suggest a different reading.

You can also download the code we used while making the experiments at http://gitorious.org/kurenniemi/. While working, we create listings and mockup datasets. They are available together with the software. During the project, we follow Eric Raymond’s suggestion to release early and release often, therefore expect many changes and bugs, but please feel also welcome to contribute, clone the repository or submit patches.

The project is commissioned by KURATOR and dOCUMENTA (13) in partnership with Central Art Archive of the Finnish National Gallery (Perttu Rastas), and Contemporary Art Museum KIASMA, Helsinki. Supported by Arts Council England.

4 Responses to About

  1. Ina Lange says:

    I wonder why Erkki doesn’t come to Kassel. Doesn’t he like Germany? Why didn’t he help Tarek Atui building his DIMI?
    Thanks for answer

  2. lena says:

    🙂 Hallo!
    I saw great work of Erkii on Documenta and today I.ve found this information on Wiki:
    “Around the start of the 1990s, Kurenniemi wrote unpublished articles concerning a theoretical concept on trivalent networks which he called the Graph Field Theory on space, time and matter.”

    Please, do you know more about it? Any English transcriptions of the text available?
    Thanks a lot, greetings. Lena

  3. Nicolas Malevé says:

    Dear Ina,

    Erkki is not in a good health condition. That is why he only briefly came to Kassel.

  4. Nicolas Malevé says:

    Dear Lena,

    At the moment, we have concentrated our work on taking contact with the globality of the archive. The Wikipedia entry concerning Erkki is a very good reference and surely this essay must exist. We will be happy to anounce when a decision is taken to publish it.

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