The material.

In the early seventies, Erkki acquired a cassette recorder. The recorder becomes immediately Erkki's everyday companion. The tapes contain Erkki's long monologues while driving his car, conversations with friends, field recordings, songs from the radio, music rehearsals, lectures… the device follows him from the airplane to the bedroom. Kurenniemi's archive contains 100 digitized cassettes of a period that ranges from 1970 to 1975.

All his life, Erkki has been an avid user of cameras. As the cameras become more portable, they become a tool of choice to write his audiovisual diary. Regularly, Erkki and his friends and lovers experiment with improvised singing, amateur opera, shouting and noise production. For the dataradio, we extracted the audio of a few fragments of the video diaries. In addition, the metadata of some of the hundreds of thousands of digital still images is also used as the basis of some radio "programs".

The material collected for the Dataradio also contains interviews of Erkki explaining his work as well as interviews from his friends and different archivists or curators discussing his production and the numerous questions they raise.